The Orion Constellation Star Alignment Over The Middle East
Ancient civilizations realized that Earth is a living organism, and that there are locations on the Earth's planes that correspond to certain constellations. The ancients also knew that there are bio-magnetic forces within the Earth body and super-magnetic forces within the star bodies, and that these forces are at their highest intensities at those specific locations. Those locations were recognized by the ancients as ''para-physical doors'', and as primary civilization fountains that feed the evolutionary process of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.
The giant constellation orion commands the winter sky in an up ward position. The photo is showing the nebula glowing red (this is were stars are born) and the Betelgeuse (Arabic Name: Yad al-Jauza',  meaning Hand of Orion, يد الجوزاء) glowing yellowish to orange in the upper side of the photo.
Without doubt the brightest and grandest constellation in the sky, crammed with objects of interest for all sizes of instrument. Orion's impressiveness stems in large measure from the fact that it is an area of star formation in a nearby arm of the Galaxy, centered on the famous Orion Nebula. The Orion Nebula, M42, marks the Hunter's sword, hanging from his belt. The belt itself is formed by a line of three bright stars.
Greek expression of the constellation of Orion, The Hunter & Warrior. Orion in Arabic is called 'Al Jabbar' meaning the Giant or the Mighty. Rigel in Arabic is  Ar-Rijl  meaning “the foot” رجل الجبّار.  Saiph in trabic is As-Saif meaning  “the sword”  سيف.
The greeks saw the Orion constellation as a hunter. To the Egyptians they saw Osiris. "Source of above drawing by joe Tucciarone from National Geographic Dec. 95.
Orion Constellation, 'Al Jabbar', occupies the mid-way between the Northern and the Southern hemispheres of the heavens during the Winter Solstice (Dec.21-Dec.25) of each year. And during this time Orion takes a standing position in the mid night skies at mid night. It is suggested that in the Winter Solstice, the energies in the region will be at peak emission. This occurs during each Winter Solstice within which the period of Grace or Golden Mean is reached. This Grace period was also called the ''Osiris Gate.''
*The Orion constellation was the ancient's celestial prime meridian "marker" just as The Great Pyramid of Giza is our prime meridian "marker" on Earth's surface.
In the New Age Bible interpretation, Volume II, it is given:
''It is the sacred season of the Winter Solstice, when the sun of the astronomical new year is born, and the emanations of the Cosmic Sun spirit enfolds the Earth. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the longest and darkest night of the year, the time when material activities are at their ebb. The spiritual forces are, on the contrary, then at flood tide, the radiations of the Invisible Sun being at their maximum.''
The Star Point are certain spots on Earth were certain energies meet and cause vortices. They are the meeting place of the Earth's magnetic field areas and the Sun's Solar Flares. Most pyramids and steps pyramids were built on such points where the magnetic fields cross. So the energies from outer space would pour into the Earth's surface. The Actual physical pyramid would use it shape to utilize the magnetic fields under the Earth to secure the pouring of energies from outer space.
*Orion is also the main node of the Star-Trinity,of the Pleiades ''Ath Thurai-ya'' and Sirius ''Ash-Shira A Yamani'' in Canis Major''.
*Orion is the source of brightness..the knowledge which creates the spiritual powers of the Man "Osiris".
*Orion emanates the truth, the knowledge which creates the, spiritual powers of the higher Adamic mind.
Orion is divided into three zones: The upper zone is ruled by the bright star of Betelgeuse. The upper region contain the raw energy from space, some what like Divine battery. The Middle zone is the bridge between the bio-magnetic forces within the Earth body and the super-magnetic forces within the Orion Star bodies :
1) Alniham, or Alnilam, ''Al-Ni-Lam'', or An-Nizam means in Arabic raw, order, system or series, that which is arranged in order. Meaning The string of pearls "Systems"  النّظم
2) Alnitak, ''Al-Ni-Tak'', or ''An-Nitaq'' means the belt or the girdle. النطاق
3) Mintaka, in Arabic ''Man-tika'', means the area or region. المنطقة
In Northern Arabia the three middle stars of Orion were called ''Mezan AL-Haqq''
meaning ''The Balance Of Justice and Truth''
The lower zone transforms the Raw Energy coming from the upper region into the sublime substance of Divine Reason.
"Orion also shapes the higher cosmic wavelengths of the "Violet Band" which are not created by negative mass but of full brightness as energy and Ether as element"
An expression that can give better understanding of the Nebula importance, were the Nebula can be seen as the Womb of the Warrior Female.
Orion Nebula glows with bright Red colour from the clusters of hot, young stars within it. In it is the Stellar Nursery that is made up of gases and dust - collapsed under gravity and eventually creates a cluster of young stars. Each star develops a powerful WIND, which clears the area to reveal the star that is surrounded by dust and gases. This is the place were STARS are BORN and thrown into space.
Few points inspired by Key 106  from the Key of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak
“Our local universe has a triangular Light core of ten million light years with surrounding veil of twenty million light years.....
Through the star codes of the Pleiades form the dimensions for the biochemical rhythms of the atomic nuclei which are created in Orion. Orion also shapes the higher astrochemical wavelengths of the Kolob which are not created by negative mass.
Moreover, in these higher creative functions there are extremely great arrangements of patterns for astrochemical destiny in the heavens, whereby both Kimah (Pleiades) and Kesli (Orion) are cooperatively used in the programming of life syntheses from the pure light bodies of Orion into the transfigured corresponding physical forms of Pleiadiac programs.
The Pleiades represents the key to physical protocreation; it represents the galactic beginning of the physical Adamic household.
Kesil (orion) emanates the Gnosis, the knowledge which creates the Pneumatikoi, the spiritual powers of the New Man.
Therefore, the Pleiades is considered the foundation for the harmony of creation. However, the many who are called must go through myriads of other kingdoms before they can enter as pure thought, pure energy into the higher heavens; that is, until they have reached the state of “divine non-evolution.”
The key speaks of the celestial image of God working through the Biengs of Light in Kimah  and Kesil, and the celestial origins of the Biends of Light assigned to this planet Earth.
The chosen of this planet who successfully serve their specie qualify not only to put on the higher Overself body of Light but are given the knowledge of how to use the codes of biochemical creation on this planet to mutate a specie capable of carrying the Light into other creations. For this reason the People of Holy Lands were created.
The Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor) are the threshold gates of the lower evolution in opposition to the Pleiades, the seven lampstands to the Throne of the Father. At the end of time we will see the war of the heavens and the coming of the Host of Michael. This will free the planetary intelligences from the influences of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the negative influences controlling the root races of this planet Ur.
Thus, the organic structure of God’s Race –– the Race of New Man, set in motion at the beginning of creation, proceeds when Man is graduated to work with the intelligences of Kimah and Kesil. This High Command intelligence works with our solar system through the Mid-Way station of Arc h turus which opens the lower heavens by breaking the controlling handle of Ursa Major, thereby allowing the lower heavens to move into alignment with the true star pointer of the Pleiades.
The next evolutionary orbital level of creation works completely with the Beings of Light, not under the gates of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, but under the directions of Kimah and Kesil, the thresholds of the Kuchavim, the distant star universes.
Intelligences in these distant universes are called upon not only to judge the Earth, but also to judge the gods who reign in these fallen stations of the sky.
The big Dipper stands as the threshold that must be overcome by Man on this planet before he will be free of the consciousness image of the Bear which emanates thought-forms of war and destruction. The Lords of Mizar (Arabic Name:  Miʾzar, meaning apron المئزر) and Megrez (Arabic Name: Al-Maghriz, meaning"The insertion-point" of the Bear's مغرز) have sent out these thought-forms to keep mankind on this planet continually involved in war revolution.
The few who are chosen to work with the Lords of Light, who look to the Pleiades as the Divine Dipper in conjunction with the stations of Orion where Michael, Metatron, and Melchizedek, with the 144,00 Lords of Light administer unto the Son universes in the name of GOD.
The stellar consciousness dynamics or the sacred stellar trinity of Orion, the Pleiades, and Sirius. (From the akashic records of Thoth)
Orion, specifically the Blue Star Rigel, holds the primary Full Light vector for the Earth.
The Pleiades hold the divine universal feminine initiates a streaming of stellar consciousness that can merge with the gnosis of the Earth
Thoth tells us that from this relative perspective, Orion would assume a position correspondent with Mecca; Sirius with El-Wadje in Saudi Arabia; and Pleiades with Jerusalem. If one moves their reference point of perception, everything must shift to accommodate that, and this is the nature of truth in its purest essence.
Relative to this article, we see that Sirius/El Wadje becomes a simple fulcrum in the Earth dynamic, acting as balancing point between stellar vectors of Orion/Mecca and the Pleiades/Jerusalem as the dynamics described above by Thoth are introduced also to the Earth’s crystalline grid at these very same locations. Thus these points are serving two different primary (and perhaps more) macrocosmic dynamics, linking the Earth into the bigger picture.
Be not misled by the outer appearances and circumstance currently at these locations, the pure sacred Earth energies there are conductive to this exchange. The problem lies in the fact that the human consciousness at all of these sites has in most cases overridden and taken control of some of this energy.
Some of the other systems which play into the Mecca dynamic other than the sacred stellar trinity is the fulcrum. (the physical point is near “Madan Saleh”)
End Note:
What is the ‘Dynamic of Existence, the Metatronic Fulcrum’?
Thoth: “FULCRUM” is the vibrational / symbolic / code name given to a projection through time on the planet Earth that was begun by the ENNEAD. FULCRUM is brought through a ray of Seraphimic projection or being - a Seraphim Archangel... FULCRUM then, is the complete function and purpose of this projection, and Merkrael is the entity consciousness assigned to carry out this function by the ENNEAD. Merkrael is not Michael. However, the former must precede the latter in works. Just as Michael must open up through activity, the passage for the New Man.
“The purpose of FULCRUM is: To create quantums of accelerated knowledge within humanity, working in coordination with the natural 100th Monkey law of connectiveness, i.e.: understanding quantum leaps through humanity once a certain number of Earth souls relates to that understanding and physically applies it in some way. FULCRUM carries this further in bringing specific situations forward to allow for a more ordered revelation and use of this quantum power.”
*Written by Rami Sajdi, Copyright © Rami Sajdi 2003 All Rights Reserved
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